Cloud Mountain Studio was born out of my love of fabric. All my life I have been playing with fabric — I pieced my first quilt together in my early twenties with a pair of Gingher scissors, a cardboard template and my trusty 1955 Singer sewing machine. While a rambunctious child and a never-ending pile of dishes moved my quilting aspirations to the back burner I satisfied my creative desires with knitting and weaving. After moving to the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina I met a wonderful group of women who shared my love of fabric, dusted off my scissors and began cutting and piecing quilts together once more. I hand-quilted my first, small quilts but as they grew larger I taught myself to use my sewing machine’s walking foot to quilt instead. 

As I ventured out to quilt shows I found myself continually returning to the long-arm quilting models, returning each year to spend hours playing with designs and techniques. I was hooked. In 2012, I invested in a HandiQuilter Avante and quilted my back-log of quilts; I quilted community quilts for my local guild; I quilted for my friends; for my family. Three years later in 2015, I opened the doors to Cloud Mountain Studio.

I love the variety of quilts that come through my studio. I have the joy of quilting every style of quilt: traditional, vintage, memory, paper-pieced, embroidered, appliqued and modern. My cat Webster occasionally hangs out with me in the studio but prefers the quilt on my bed. Feel free to reach out and contact me if you have any questions!

- Deanne